Hello I am in grade 6 now and its really fun! there is a new girl and I am sitting with my one of my 2 best friends! Giulia and Minhanh I love them!



K1 Recount

May 8 2018 5C went to k1. it was a really hot and sweaty day.

First of all, we read a book called who sank that boat.
It was a math story talking about a cow a donkey, pig and a mouse.

Then, we sang a song called speckled frog. There were 5 frogs that needed to go in the lake.
the class did a circle and the 5 people that got chosen
then needed to jump in the lake.

Lastly, we needed to take pictures of numbers. We needed to get a photo of something that made 1 then 2,3…………
After all I think it was amazing and fun.

PYPX Reflection

In PYPX Phuong Anh, Ray and Hai Nam and I are working on the SDG Zero Hunger. Our action was making people want to eat breakfast. At the assembly we talked about what would happens if you don't eat breakfast. Most of our passions were sports but mine is singing. And to do all of those things you need energy and energy is breakfast.

 What I did:

I found out that if you don't eat breakfast you can die I shared ideas at meetingsMade a gamedrew some food for gamemade information box cut out information 

For our specialist we went to ART. Our sentence was "Not eating breakfast could kill you". Our group did an amazing job at performing and explaining our information and what we did to people. I think that it was really fun and exiting.

The Grade 4-5 Concert

The Grade 4-5 Concert

The Grade 5-4 concert was from 8:30 to 9:30. It was in the art center. I think the color that matches  the concert is green because you make it with yellow that is the color of happiness and blue that is the color of sadness. I think it was fun.

The first thing we did was band. I think it was tedious because the songs we played were difficult and low-energy.  Band played Let's rock, Mickey mouse march and Lightly row.

The choir was awesome. I loved the songs and when the Grade 4 students joined  us The strings were tiring but interesting. They played Rhythm fever tap dancer and Tip toe boo.

I think it was a good event.

This is a response to make people understand what we did. The purpose of a  response is to judge and repeat. 

One thing i did well in my writing was that i repeated every thing so that people could understand.

One thing that i could change is that i could have expanded more about the strings.

snapshot 3

would you get dogs or cats?

Would you get dogs🐶 or cats🐈?

Cats and dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. Some people like cats more but some prefer dogs.

Dogs and humans have a strong connection. Dogs wag their tail when they are happy. Dogs are not lazy and care about you a lot more than cats will.

Secondly, Dogs Are not scared of water like cats are.So if you would want to go to the sea then you can bring your dog/puppy with you.

On the other hand, Cats take care of themselves and don't  need a human to take care of them. Cats go to a walk by themselves and don't need anyone to go with them. Cats are lazy and don't make as much sound as dogs do.

Secondly, if the owner has an heart attack the cats will help them try to survive. Cats wag their tail when they are nervous.

In all i think that dogs/puppies are better